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    iAfricaGallery aims to bridge the divide between the art talents of Southern Africa and the global community.

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A vibrant online visual arts platform specializing in promoting contemporary African art

Florian Junge is a self-taught sculptor born in Hamburg, Germany. He moved to Mozambique with his family as a young boy and then to South Africa at the start of his schooling career.

Artwell Musungate is a self-taught contemporary artist born in 1972 in Harare, Zimbabwe. His talent in the arts was already evident while in junior school where he excelled in music but it was only after school during the 1990s that he started painting seriously.

Mbongeni Fakudze is a rapidly emerging mixed media fine artist born in Swaziland in 1982 and currently living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is greatly inspired by the identity of contemporary African women and the issues that surround them.

Lionel Smit is a renowned contemporary South African artist known for his expressive portraiture in monumental paintings and sculpture but he is equally adept at drawing, silkscreen and etching. He is based in Cape Town.

Phillemon Hlungwani is recognised as one of the most accomplished contemporary artists working in South Africa. He is best known for his large-scale charcoal drawings depicting scenes from rural life, informal settlements and African women.

Obie Oberholzer is one of South Africa’s most renowned photographers.
‘Born on a farm in Africa. (On the 26th of August 1947 to be exact). Spent most of my first eight years running around barefoot like a wild little madman. Later went to an English High School and started wearing shoes.

Sandy Bekker will be launching her artworks very soon.


iAfricaGallery aims to bridge the international divide between the art talents of Southern Africa and the global art community. It showcases the work of these artists who might not ordinarily have the opportunity or desire to exhibit their work in a traditional art gallery environment. Simultaneously, it offers the opportunity for the buyer to acquire these unique artworks at his leisure from his mobile device anywhere in the world.

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