Dzunisani Maluleke

Dzunisani Maluleke is an emerging contemporary artist from Gawula village, Giyani, Limpopo, South Africa, working in printmaking and recently more so in charcoal drawing.

He has two main themes that run through his work. The earlier of the two was a cathartic process dealing with the absence of a father while growing up and the more recent one with celebrating the mother figure’s strength while bringing up her children in the absence of their father. While he draws from his own personal experiences they are universally common to many people.

Dzunisani grew up only knowing the voice of his father over telephonic communication. They finally met in person when he was 21 years old. The telephone towers and lines in his rural landscape drawings became symbols of the duality of his father’s presence yet absence. This chapter unraveled and he consciously decided to choose to approach life with positivity and to celebrate his mother. He honours the strength of all women who go to great lengths to run households and raise children on their own such that all those they love can be happy.

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