Exporting Art, Craft & Local Products to the US with iAfricaGallery

A very big thank you to the US Consulate Cape Town, Yolisa Ndhlovu and the PopUp American Corner team for bringing their workshop ‘Exporting for Creative Entrepreneurship’ to the Garden Route, South Africa. Another big thank you to speakers Tamiko Cuellar (US) and Tamburai Chirume (SA). They are phenomenal international entrepreneurial specialists! This workshop on exporting to America will have positive far reaching effects for all involved.


Yes, Sandy Bekker of iAfricaGallery attended the two-day exporting workshop at the museum in George on 22 and 23 August 2019.


Tamiko Cuellar of Pursue your Purpose focused on the benefits of AGOA (African Growth Opportunity Act) to creatives in Sub-Saharan Africa and accentuated that, irrespective of some reports, the US people – and especially the African American community – desire quality signature art and products from South Africa and the diaspora. She also gave practical advice on how to take advantage of AGOA to reach the US market and outlined how the American Corner Hub is available to help entrepreneurs do so.


Tamburai Chirume of One of Each is one such successful entrepreneur! Together with her mother, Pauline Chirume, she grew their clutch handbag design into a “premium quality and immaculate finish”, luxury African product, which today, is available at select outlets in the US and Europe. She uses her experience from the One of Each journey and works alongside the US Consulate to be “an agent of change in Africa”. Many of the attendees soon realized there was much product development and paperwork still needed to get their products ‘export ready’, but after completing the workshop felt they’d connected with the right people to help them going forward.


“What stood out for me was that I didn’t realise what amazing people and resources are available to creatives like myself and others,” said Sandy Bekker. “This workshop on exporting to the US came at just the right time when I needed to ‘unblock’ and move to the next level in my business and life goals.”


Sandy encourages like-minded artists and entrepreneurs to first of all connect with iAfricaGallery and The American Corner Cape Town to unleash their unique Sub-Saharan African product.


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Sandy Bekker attends #PopUpAmeriCANCorner Workshop – Exporting for Creatives