Sandy Bekker

A vibrant e-commerce visual arts platform specializing in contemporary African art.

iAfricaGallery aims to bridge the international divide between the art talents of Southern Africa and the global art community. It specializes in the work of major artists and also those who might not ordinarily have the opportunity or wish to exhibit their work in a traditional art gallery environment thus offering more than otherwise available to you. Simultaneously, it offers the opportunity for the buyer to acquire these unique artworks at his leisure from his mobile device anywhere in the world.

iAfricaGallery is curated by Sandy Bekker. She has established a reputation of excellence and leadership over years of involvement in the visual arts. She has curated art exhibitions of African artists internationally and guided them in the growth of their careers. She has a number of respected qualifications to her name and is also a professional artist herself.

Sandy’s experience extends to professional delivery of your artwork anywhere in the world.

Should you require a customized art advisory service you can also benefit from her expertise at no additional cost. She consults to architects, interior designers and corporates. Her passion aims at providing excellence in art and satisfaction to the client – connecting the perfect artwork with the client.

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